“Social Media Marketing and Blogging Hands-On Workshop”

For the average overwhelmed and over scheduled business person, Social Media Marketing needs to be taught. Who has the time to spend a year learning the ins and outs of each platform, the tools to use to manage these platforms and the tricks available to rank well in the search engines and to gain followers and click thrus?

Most business owners know they need to be utilizing social media, but they have no idea how. Responses to our workshops have been overwhelming. Attendees don’t know what to expect walking in. Walking out after a day of intense Social Media training they’re exhausted and energized at the same time. Giving them the knowledge and powerful tools they need to work the social media platforms effectively.

My workshops are kept to 10 attendees or less. Each attendee fills out a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the session so I can determine how much experience they have with Social Media going in and what their goals are after they have completed the course.

Each attendee walks away with an in depth understanding about what it really takes to leverage the social web for their business to generate more leads, traffic and prospects for their business.


*Why it is important that your company has a blog

*What it really takes to start and maintain a successful blog

*How to plan out and implement your social media marketing strategy

*How to research your market online without your market knowing you are spying on them

*Real life examples and case studies of how social media has been successfully used

*What Twitter is, why it is so powerful, and how to leverage the platform to its fullest potential

*What you need to know about Facebook before jumping in with both feet

*How to get your Facebook profiles/groups and pages up and running

*What you need to know about social bookmarking sites and why they are imperative to your social marketing strategy.

Cost $300 per person