Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Rutgers Workshop Deborah Smith, Social Media ConsultingFor the average overwhelmed and over scheduled business person, Social Media Marketing needs to be taught.  Who has the time to spend a year learning the ins and outs of each platform, the tools to use to manage these platforms and the tricks available to rank well in the search engines and to gain followers and click thrus?

Most business owners and marketing professionals know they need to be utilizing social media, but they have no idea how. Responses to our workshops and one-on-one training have been overwhelming. Attendees don’t know what to expect walking in. Walking out after a day of intense Social Media training they’re exhausted and energized at the same time. Giving them the knowledge and powerful tools they need to work the social media platforms effectively.

Workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your business or organization. The one you see here was a 5 hour workshop at Rutgers that covered in depth training on the major social media platforms, goal stetting, competitive research and social media strategy development and measurement.

Training Options:

Social Media for the Professional: This usually involves in depth training on LinkedIn. How to optimize a profile, make connections, research leads and support your offline sales and networking efforts. Training can include Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. depending on the goals of the organization and target audience.  For the company with staff located throughout the country, these training sessions can be conducted via Webinar.

Training for Your Social Media Staff: Developing a strategy and mastering the tools to implement that strategy and how to measure results.

Social Media All Day Boot Camp: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  How to use each platform with purpose.  From strategy to implementation to promotion.  We cover it all in this 5 hour intensive workshop.

Facebook for Business: With 1.19 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a must for most businesses, yet, most businesses are still struggling with how to use it effectively.  In this 1 – 2 hour workshop we cover setting up your profile privacy,  launching a business page, optimizing it for the search engines, engaging your customers and promoting it on Facebook through paid ads and through other channels.

Successful Business Blogging: Blogs have gone from silly self-absorbed diaries to serious marketing tools for businesses. Why? One of the key reasons is the search engines.  Search engines love blogs.  Having a successful blog can mean dominating the search engines for all the key words your company targets. This 4 hour workshop shows you how its done, from step by step blog set up to what to write and how to write it. 

Linkedin Fundamentals: Establishing your Goals for Linkedin, Developing a Professional & Optimized Profile, How to establish yourself as an Expert, and Building Your professional Network

Tweet Like a Pro:  Attendees will learn what the heck Twitter is and why it is so powerful.  This workshop walks you through how to set up a professional profile page, how to locate quality followers and how to engage with those followers to effectively market your business.

Contact me today to discuss your Business or Organization’s training needs.