The Social Media Mindset

By social media marketing

idea photo I have a few beefs with my Mother, I’ll admit it. Who doesn’t, right? I’m sure my kids have already started a list of my sins that they will drag out when their old enough for therapy.

There is one thing, however, that I am very grateful for, Mom. (My mother just gripped her chest “one?” Ok, more than one.) This thing I am grateful for is my incurable curiosity and need to learn. I got this from my Mother, the perpetual student who as I was entering college was entering THE SAME (one of my beefs) college for her Masters Degree. She was also the one who decided at age 60 to go to Massage Therapy school. She was the oldest in her class.

While other Mother’s were watching soap operas or soccer games, my mother was working and studying, studying and working. I didn’t know it then but it was rubbing off on me and would ultimately form the person I am and how I approach new people and challenges. It is also how I approached social media, even back before it was called social media. I was curious, and intrigued and wanted to learn how to use it and engage with people all over the world that I would never, ever have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

I’ve discovered through working with business owners that some people approach this new form of communication and marketing with the same curiosity and excitement that I did. They take my recommendations and run with them and go even further, start using their own creativity and imagination and they’re off. They have the Social Media Mindset. They understand the “social” in social media and engage with others. It should be fun, it should be exciting, it should be full of possibilities. They are curious to see where it is going to lead. Hungry for more information on how to harness this energy. They get it.

Those who have yet to adopt the Social Media Mindset are more focused on “How will I be able to push my message?” and even better, “can I set up an automated service to do it for me?” Yes, you can, but I can pretty much guarantee no one is going to read it. This is my challenge, translating the Mindset to my clients. Getting them to understand that it is all about the engagement, the authenticity and the trust.

There are some great posts on the Social Media Mindset if you are interested in reading further. I really enjoyed Rajesh Setty’s 12 Elements of the Social Media Mindset and Paul Chaney’s Seven Social Media Mindset Markers.

I know I’ll get a phone call the minute this is posted. I swear my Mother has Google alerts set for “Debbie’s Mother.” So, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take that call.