“Whether you are a business owner or a marketing director, Deborah Smith should be your only choice when it comes to utilizing social media to building your brand and engaging potential customers. Here at Shore Creative Group, we have had the pleasure of partnering with Deborah and her team on many client initiatives. Deborah’s creativity, passion and no nonsense business acumen helps bring our client’s campaigns to a higher level than anyone who “claims” to know Social Media. Her unique ability to grasp the client needs and structure and implement effective solutions puts Deborah Smith far ahead of the curve. I highly recommend Deborah and her team.” August  2013

“Deborah Smith gets social media. More importantly, she knows how to convey the features and benefits of social media in such a way that her clients get it too. In today’s business world, one has to be wary of the self-proclaimed social media “experts” and “gurus.” Thankfully, Deb is the real deal. Whether she is working one-on-one with someone or speaking to several hundred people at a conference, Deb can easily articulate the value of utilizing social media in business. I am comfortable giving her my highest recommendation to any person or company hiring Deb for social media training or strategic planning.” July 2012

“Deborah is unflappable. She came into our office on a crazy day, didn’t blink, and calmly educated us and imparted terrifically useful information. She’s very professional; she knows her stuff and knows how to handle entrepreneurs with ADHD. Looking forward to putting her good ideas to use. I heartily recommend Deborah.”  July 2012

“I attended Deborah L. Smith’s workshop on blogging yesterday and recommend attending any one of her workshops. She shares her knowledge and experiences, laced with humor, willingly and professionally taking the fear factor out of social networking. Thanks Deborah.” July 2012

“Deborah’s approach to social media consulting is grounded and highly professional. Before getting into specific applications, she made sure that she had a solid grasp of our company’s services, our goals and our challenges. The report she prepared helped us gain insight into how social media could enable us to build on our strengths and her training skills got us up and running very quickly. Deborah is an excellent resource and we will continue to work with her as social media evolves.”  April 2011

“I have been a member for over 15 years and this was the best response we have had over a speaker. Not one negative comment. Everyone has been raving about the event. Email today with many thanks for the program last evening. Bravo!!  Maureen Eustice, President, NJPEC April 2011

“Deborah has officially eliminated the mystery of social media for me. After attending numerous workshops on the topic – I was still confused. Within a few hours working directly with Deborah, I was able to finally understand what I need to do with my website, facebook, twitter and linked-in to take advantage of opportunities available through social media. My business will surely reap the benefits as a result working with Deborah.” March 2011

“I enlisted the services of Deborah Smith to help me understand and set up a Social Media campaign for my company. I spoke with several companies before making the decision to go with Deborah, and I’m glad I did. She exceeded my expectations in every way.  She took the time to explain the various social media options and how they could benefit my company.  I was also impressed with her teaching skills and the level of care she took in helping me understand how to navigate through the social media world. In addition to owning a small business, I am also a real estate instructor at a Community College, and teach continuing education classes to realtors for their license renewals. Deborah’s teaching abilities are excellent.  I would highly recommend her.” February 2011

“Deborah held two LinkedIn training sessions for all the attorneys in our office. The sessions were outstanding and helped jump start wide spread use of LinkedIn throughout the office. The sessions provided the newer users with the information to get started while providing insight helpful to those of us who have been on LinkedIn for some time and use it regularly. The training was presented in a concise manner and for a reasonable fee. She presented the programs at times convenient to our attorneys and staff. To get your firm or company using LinkedIn, contact Deborah.” December 2010

“I attended Deborah’s presentation for the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and was amazed at how much I learned. It was educational & was presented in an easy to absorb method. I can not wait to use all the information to help boost our business. I can proudly recommend Deborah & her expert knowledge to anyone looking to learn about implementing and utilizing social media in business marketing.” February 2010

“Deborah Smith is an enthusiastic and energetic presenter. Her knowledge of the subject matter is evident in the way she addresses her audience – as well as how she answers questions put before her. The training she provided to me and a varied group of others was detailed without being confusing. If you are looking for someone to step up to the plate at one of your events, you will hit a home run with Deborah!” February 2010

“Deborah is thorough and helpful and provides very practical advice in customizing social media to your specific business. She was extremely easy to work with and gave valuable tools and techniques for utilizing twitter, linked in and facebook.” February 2010

“I’m relatively new to social media and I attended Deborah’s seminar on Twitter. I learned more in an hour than in all the hours combined that I’ve spent using and studying Twitter. She gives good solid business advice on how to use Twitter and its tools. It was well worth the small investment! Steve Lampert www.enannysource.com” January 2010

“I highly recommend Deborah’s Webinars. I am the Chairperson of The Monmouth/Ocean Financial Executives Networking Group and recommend Deborah to my members. I have taken Deborah’s seminar on Twitter and found it informative and necessary for all business executives. Deborah is super prepared and participants go away educated and feeling good. Social Networking – FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc is critical in business today, make sure to learn from an ethical expert like Deborah.  January 2010

“Deborah is a true educator on the ways of social media consulting. We are still in the process of teaching me all the ways to use LinkedIn and Facebook but already I’ve learned about so many of the tools and info available. I highly recommend her services.” December 2009

“I hired Deborah to help me get a handle on social media sites. Deborah showed me some great tools to help me better manage my time around Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I feel now that I have the necessary tools and learnings to really benefit from using these social media sites. Thank you Deborah!” December 14, 2009

“Deborah is a vivacious and articulate speaker, who communicates the dynamics of social media in a clear and concise fashion, without making the audience feel inadequate or incapable of learning the same process. She has the ability to see business opportunities for others, that they may not see themselves. Her application to the marketing of businesses, in particular smaller businesses who have limited resources, is the best return on the the investment that a company can make. In working with Deborah, I see her as a wealth of technological information that is absolutely necessary in order to outpace the competitors, NOW.  October 2009

“I recently took Deborah Smith’s mini course on Social Media and it was most informative and probably the most valuable 2 hours I have spent trying to understand this very complicated topic.  Internet Marketing is a “must know” for any business, and Deborah has the expertise and teaching skills necessary to explain the “ins and outs” of this vast resource. She’s a highly motivated speaker and made a potentially intimidating and boring topic easy to understand  and intersting. I enjoyed the course and left with information that I used immediately to market my business. My expectations for this course were surpassed and I’m certain Deborah’s consulting skills are at the same level of excellence.”  October, 2009

“I said finally a workshop that’s not just another seminar on why we need it. I will be able to actually learn more in depth information – is my LinkedIn being done correctly, is there anything I should be doing to improve it, etc. And I walked away with so much knowledge it was amazing!” 2009

“Deb’s enthusiasm for social media is absolutely contagious and infectious! Try as you might – you can’t resist. Believe me, I tried. Her gentle but persistent encouragement reminds you that you must take advantage of technology to keep your business moving forward and ahead of the curve. Her 5 hour workshop felt more like 5 minutes and there is still so much to learn! If you’re busy running your own business but realize you ought to learn more about social media and how it can help you achieve your goals, Deb’s the person who can walk you through it but point you in the right direction succinctly and effectively.” 2009

“Excellent Social Media Workshop presented by Deborah L.Smith and Scott Bradley. They provided a comprehensive presentation of a variety of the most effective social media platforms available today to implement a successful blog-marketing program.” 2009

“Thanks again for the great session…I think the biggest test of good learning is whether it propels the participants into action…and yours certainly did that for me.” 2009

“Deborah is the rare professional that provides more than you expect. I knew Deborah before I took her workshop and she was very generous with her knowledge and time. At her workshop, she gave great value and information. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an expert in social media. A relatively new field that every business person should be exploring.” September 2009

“Simply put, Deborah is an EXPERT when it comes to the world of Social Media. She understands the power and business connection dealing with Social Media. I would recommend her work and seminar’s to anyone interested with Social Media.” September  2009

“I recently attended Deborah’s presentation on Social Media Networking. It was the most valuable and interesting presentation that I’ve attended at that group. She not only communicated the content well, but also shared her passion for the subject to get you motivated. Excellent job!” August 2009