Social Media Round Table: Launching in September

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Social Media Round Table SeriesOver the past year and a half of consulting businesses on Social Media Marketing, I’ve made two important observations.

1.  “I can lead a client to Twitter but I can’t make them Tweet.”   Oh, it’s not just Twitter.  It’s all of the Social Media platforms.  Some clients go through the training, but the minute I am out of the picture, they lose momentum and don’t keep up with the action plan we laid out.

2.  Getting your network built is time consuming and takes commitment.  It feels pretty lonely out there at first.  The first six months are critical and it sure would be nice if there was a support network to help get businesses rolling.

In response to these observations and the obvious need I see for many small business owners, I am launching two Social Media Round Table groups.

Very simply, each Round Table group will consist of eight individuals (ideally the person in charge of social media for the company).

Learn: Groups will meet for three hours each month to conquer a new tool (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Video, Blogs) and to develop your strategy for using these new tools.  Over the course of the month, you will also get a one hour session with me either over the phone or in person if location and schedules permit.

Take Action: You will leave with your marching orders for the month and will return the next month to report on victories, progress, road blocks, etc..

Expand Your Reach: The eight member teams will support each individual member. When one member sets up a new Facebook page, the other members will be asked to “Like” that page, Share links or blog posts, Retweet messages, etc.  Everyone will work together to spread member news virally to eachother’s contacts.  This is also an opportunity to network with other businesses and to brain storm on creative ways to use social media.

This is a 6 month series. The cost is $250 per month. If paid in full up front, one month is free.


Point Pleasant Beach: Netwave Marketing Headquarters  September 23rd.  12 to 3pm.
Freehold: Freehold Chamber of Commerce : October 8th. 12 to 3pm.
There are a total of 16 available positions.
Reserve Your Seat at the Table Today.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for your business.  Get a firm handle on social media and grow your network of contacts on all of the platforms now. Contact or 732-966-7450

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