Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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Saying my company doesn’t need Social Media is like saying my company doesn’t need a website 10 years ago.

I remember those days.  While others were debating whether they should or shouldn’t have a web presence, I was building my first website.  So many people doubted the power of the web back then, but I think we all realize that today the internet is a part of our everyday life.  How is Social Media any different?  The web is evolving and it is your job to grow and evolve with it. Old fashioned, in your face advertising is out. Viral, consumer generated reviews and recommendations is the new way and you will either learn it now or later after your competition has already established a strong presence on all of the social media platforms.

  • For information on my private consulting services, please visit the Consulting page and contact me for a Free assessment of your needs.
  • I am also assembling several Social Media Roundtable teams for a Peer-to-Peer Exchange on Social Media & Your Business which will launch in July.  We will have 3 tables with 10 spots at each table. It’s non-competitive and includes:
  1. A monthly half-day meeting, at Netwave Marketing in Point Pleasant Beach or a member’s location if suitable, for a training session on Developing Your Social Media Strategy, Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Video and Podcasts. Each month we will tackle a new platform and discuss what’s working, what’s not working, trends in the marketplace, etc…
  2. One hour of in-person coaching on social media
  3. One hour of virtual training on the phone.
  4. Team members will work together to spread eachothers news through the many social media channels.

Cost = $300/month with a 6-month commitment.

As a business owner, you can’t afford NOT to be part of the new conversation.

To see if you are a good fit for our Social Media Roundtable program, please contact me at 732-966-7450 or by email at  We will be grouping participants based on their skill levels and business focus.