Social Media Marketing for Realtors

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Recently, I was asked to speak to a local group of Realtors on Social Media Marketing.  In my opinion,  the real estate industry and social media are perfect together.  Success is a matter of numbers when it comes to real estate.  The more people you know, the better chance of making that match between buyer & seller.  I know of no better way to reach thousands, millions of potential clients than through social media marketing.  The trick,  is how to do it without being that annoying sales person.

My very first recommendation is to become the “neighborhood expert” by either starting a community blog or by creating a Facebook page or group dedicated to talking about everything and anything going on in your community.  The benefits of using a blog over a Facebook page for this is the search engine juice you will ultimately receive.   If you are a clever blogger you will shape your blog posts around search terms already being used for your community.   Another savvy blogger tip is to reach out to other local bloggers in your area and offer to write a guest blog post and/or to trade links.

I know Realtors like to post new listings and open house events which is fine, but a blog filled with this and only this is nothing more than a big fat advertisement.   This is not something that will keep readers coming back and you will also not gain the search engine paybacks.

Some ideas for smart stories are featuring local businesses in your area. What a great way to get in good with your fellow business owners.  Post Chamber of Commerce events, fund drives, Holiday events and other happenings that spotlight that special community you represent.   Watch for issues that are trending in the area, new construction, energy issues, recycling innovations, any news worthy issue that is important in your community. Steer clear of negative commentary, political views and talk about high taxes obviously.   This is your vehicle for selling your community as the best place to live.

To market your blog,  use Twitter and Facebook to make new connections and drive readers to your blog.  Invite people to follow and friend you on the postcards you mail to residents and on any marketing materials you already use to prospect.   Be sure to incorporate these connection options on your blog.   Encourage your readers to “Subscribe” to your blog so you will build your email list.  Use a third party application like Feedblitz or Feedburner to automate your email subscription.  I use Feedblitz and find it very easy to use and an impressive marketing tool.

With blogging it is important to be consistent.  Try to post on a weekly basis.  If you can manage to post more frequently that is great, but once per week is enough to develop an active blog and establish your authority on the topic.

There are some great examples of Realtor blogs on the web.  If you publish one or have a favorite, please share the URL in the comments section below.  I’m sure my readers would love some examples.

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