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Listening: Social Media’s Secret Weapon

Last night, the family and I went out for sushi at a local restaurant. The meal was delicious as it always is, but this time, unfortunately, the line for the potty at 3am was a very popular spot. Since this ... Read More »

Facebook Resistance

Many of my business clients have expressed resistance to using Facebook in their Social Marketing strategy. For the most part, not wanting to mix business and personal life is the main concern. I’ve heard it enough times to realize that ... Read More »

Hands On Social Media Workshop: September 9 and October 7th

The dates for my next workshop are September 9th and October 7th (both Wednesdays) from 9am to noon. After some great feedback from the attendees of my last workshop, I have revised the format and split the workshop into two ... Read More »

My First Year on Twitter

I just realized while chatting with someone today that it has been one year this month since I ventured into the strange and unique land of Twitter. I remember hearing about this new “something” with the silly name but really ... Read More »

How Old are Twitter Users?

I’m getting this question a lot from potential clients. From my own personal experience, I am finding many of my Twitter contacts are in the 35 to 45 year range. However, this could be just the demographics of people interested ... Read More »

Attracting Quality Followers on Twitter

I received a direct message through Twitter yesterday from one of my clients who wanted to know how I had acquired over 2000 followers on Twitter. My answer is coming in the form of this post since 140 characters would ... Read More »

7 Sure Fire Ways to Lose Followers on Twitter

Let’s face it. The majority of Twitter users are not 18-24 year olds anymore. We’re older, we’re professionals. The age group that holds the majority according to Hitwise last year is between 35 and 44 years old. I am happy ... Read More »

To Tweet or not to Tweet

To Tweet or not to Tweet. That is the question on every business owner’s mind today. Some businesses have jumped right in neck deep into the twitter tide, sink or swim, just going for the gusto. Others, sit on the ... Read More »


“Social Media Marketing and Blogging Hands-On Workshop” For the average overwhelmed and over scheduled business person, Social Media Marketing needs to be taught. Who has the time to spend a year learning the ins and outs of each platform, the ... Read More »


Saying my company doesn’t need Social Media is like saying my company doesn’t need a website 10 years ago. I remember those days.  While others were debating whether they should or shouldn’t have a web presence, I was building my ... Read More »