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Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Recently, I was asked to speak to a local group of Realtors on Social Media Marketing.  In my opinion,  the real estate industry and social media are perfect together.  Success is a matter of numbers when it comes to real ... Read More »

10 Ways to Attract more Fans to your Facebook Page

There are some simple methods for spreading the word about your business Facebook page.  But first, I want to address the issue I have been coming up against with clients recently. When taking a look at their Facebook accounts, I ... Read More »

Facebook’s New “Friends of connection” targeted Ads

This announcement came from Facebook today.  I plan to give this a try.  I will report back on my results. “Do you have a Facebook Page, Application, Group or Event? If you do, the following announcement is for you! Beginning ... Read More »

Are you ready for a Facebook Fan Page?

On November 6th, reported that according to Facebook’s advertising statistics, the social media super giant just reached its 325 million subscriber mark.   In a follow up article on Mashable by Ben Parr the author does a little math ... Read More »

Blogging Basics: Creating an Editorial Calendar

Organizing your blog through the use of an Editorial Calendar is an easy and effective way to keep your blog in good form. So many businesses are a perfect fit for blogging.  A Business Blog can be and should be ... Read More »

Is Social Media a Fad?

Very impressive stats in this video. Read More »

Choosing Your Twitter Handle

I’ve read differing opinions on the subject of selecting your Twitter handle.  Some people believe that you should use your own personal name as a handle.  Given the fact that I have one of the most generic names on the ... Read More »

Developing Your Listening Campaign

Today, I was interviewed by Marcy Turkington of Achieve Business Solutions on her TAB Talks radio show about the importance of setting up a listening campaign as part of your social media strategy.  Read More »

10 Tips for a Successful Blog

Welcome to the new home of  We’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress without a hitch.  I am still tweaking and rearranging things here, but for the most part, she is done. I’m very excited about the new Upcoming Events ... Read More »

The Social Media Mindset

I have a few beefs with my Mother, I’ll admit it. Who doesn’t, right? I’m sure my kids have already started a list of my sins that they will drag out when their old enough for therapy. There is one ... Read More »