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Getting Started on Twitter

Putting Your Best Foot Foward on Twitter Nothing irks me more than incomplete Twitter profiles. Ok, other things irk me more, but incomplete profiles are on the list.  Hey, I’m from New Jersey, we get irked a lot here.  Why ... Read More »

Meeting Planning: Making Social Media a Part of Your Next Event

If there is one industry Social Media was born to serve it is the Event Planning Industry.  The buzz and interaction that social media can deliver leading up to and on the day of an event has never been experienced ... Read More »

LinkedIn Workshops Coming to a Location Near You!

The most common statement I hear from LinkedIn users is, “I’m on LinkedIn, but I don’t get much out of it.”  There’s a reason for this.  LinkedIn doesn’t drive itself. It needs an active, educated, motivated driver. If someone handed ... Read More »

Day One: Developing Your Social Media Plan

Today we launched our Social Media Round Table series in Point Pleasant Beach.  I was so energized after our three hour session I had to sit down and write about it right away.  What I absolutely love about a peer ... Read More »

Where does your Business Fit in the Social Mediasphere?

The Social Media “gold rush” is on and every business owner is feeling the pressure to strap on the spurs, saddle up the horse and head west.  The problem is that most busy business owners don’t know much about the ... Read More »

Social Media All Day Workshop

I am thrilled that one of my clients has asked me to put together an all day workshop which she is graciously hosting in a lovely room overlooking Sandy Hook Bay and the New York skyline in Atlantic Highlands.  This ... Read More »

Social Media Round Table: Launching in September

Over the past year and a half of consulting businesses on Social Media Marketing, I’ve made two important observations. 1.  “I can lead a client to Twitter but I can’t make them Tweet.”   Oh, it’s not just Twitter.  It’s ... Read More »


Guest Post: Wendy Scharfman Video is everywhere. YouTube, websites, training and product videos, corporate and marketing videos, media interviews… the list goes on. How do we get ready for our close-up?   Video now gives us the ability to reach vast ... Read More »

Facebook for Business Webinar July 28th

On July 28th, I will be conducting a 2 hour Webinar on using Facebook for business promotion.   I recently conducted this Workshop in person to a sold out crowd here in New Jersey. I was an attendee and can attest ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Saying my company doesn’t need Social Media is like saying my company doesn’t need a website 10 years ago. I remember those days.  While others were debating whether they should or shouldn’t have a web presence, I was building my ... Read More »