Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Business

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Your BusinessMost businesses today are realizing that they need to have a presence on one or more of the popular Social Media platforms.  If you have yet to catch the Social Media wave, LinkedIn is probably the best place to dip your toe.   It is by far the most business focused of the Social Media platforms.  Your LinkedIn Profile is a very effective way to show off your professionalism and to introduce yourself to prospective clients with a nice piece of marketing material to back you up.

  1. Complete Your Profile: Your profile is your first impression and trust me, many savvy professionals today are using LinkedIn to research people before they do business with them. If your profile is missing a professional picture of you, or has misspellings and incomplete information, it is very likely that potential clients are seeing this.  Take the time to develop your summary, specialties and all of the other areas LinkedIn recommends you complete. Use keywords specific to your industry and area to help the LinkedIn search engine find you if someone is looking for you or your type of service.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: One of the best features on LinkedIn is the Recommendation tool.  Be sure to reach out to people you have worked with and ask them to recommend you through LinkedIn.  It is very easy to do.  You will only be able to request recommendations from LinkedIn members, but I’m going to bet many of the professional working women and men you help are using LinkedIn.
  3. Join Local Groups or Start Your Own: Use LinkedIn as a networking tool by joining groups in your region or starting one.  Most areas have some kind of group for local business owners and professionals.  This is a great way to introduce yourself and your services and to network with people you may have never had the chance to otherwise.
  4. Connect with People You Meet Offline: If you are like me and attend networking functions or public speaking events and collect business cards from those events, make it a point to look these new contacts up on LinkedIn and connect with them.   This is a great way to grow your network.   The more connections you make and the easier you make it for people to find you when they need you, the more business you will generate.
  5. Share Your Link: Include the Link to your LinkedIn Profile in your email signature, on your website or blog, print it on your business card and anywhere else your customers or clients may be visiting or viewing.

Interested in learning more about LinkedIn?  If you would really like to become a savvy LinkedIn Networker, I will be conducting a two hour workshop for the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce at Branches in West Long Branch on February 19th.  It is open to members and non-members.  You can visit the Chamber of Commerce website to sign up.  http://www.greatermonmouthchamber.com/

I also provide in-house company workshops,  so please contact me to discuss your training needs.