How to Automate your Social Media Communications

automating social media communicationsInvariably, when I start working with a new client or when I am giving a presentation for a group of social media newbies, I get asked this question: “How do I automate all this?”  My answer to this is, you don’t.  I can show you tools that will let you automate your updates and posts, but you’re missing the point of social media. There’s something missing here and that is engagement.  Social Media is not traditional advertising.  Pumping out your self-serving message over multiple platforms is not going to do anything for your company and may even damage your reputation with potential clients.

I have been accused of being a Social Media purist.  So be it.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  Social Media is about developing relationships that will grow into good referral sources and brand loyalty.  It takes patience and a human touch.

So, okay, I understand there’s a lot of work involved and automating things will help with the time issues, but if you get zero results, why bother?   There are tools out there to help you manage your time while still keeping it real.  Check back later this week, for my Social Media Time Management suggestions.

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