How Old are Twitter Users?

I’m getting this question a lot from potential clients. From my own personal experience, I am finding many of my Twitter contacts are in the 35 to 45 year range. However, this could be just the demographics of people interested in cooking and dining out since most of my followers come through my @jerseybites account.

Everything I am finding online says that the 18 to 34 year olds make up the majority of Twitter users. However, to lump 18 year olds with 34 year olds is misleading. Most of the young 20 somethings I talk to want nothing to do with Twitter. So, who are the real Twitter users? I’m hoping you will help me break it down by answering my poll to the right. Just one simple question, how old are you? Please pass this poll on to your followers to help us all get a clearer picture of who is using Twitter. And, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by either email or RSS to get the results.

Thank you.