Hands On Social Media Workshop: September 9 and October 7th

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The dates for my next workshop are September 9th and October 7th (both Wednesdays) from 9am to noon. After some great feedback from the attendees of my last workshop, I have revised the format and split the workshop into two sessions with a 4 week “Action Phase” in between. This will give all attendees the chance to put their strategies in motion with my support and regroup for a follow up session to discuss everyone’s experiences and address questions. As always I am keeping my attendance to only 10 participants. See below for details.

Hands On Social Media Workshop Series

Dates: Wednesday September 9th and October 7th.
Time: 9am to 12noon
Location: Premier Office Suites, Route 35 in Sea Girt. Second floor of Brooke 35 Shopping Center. Large conference room.
Cost: $279 per session (Special offer for TAB members $249 per session) Fee for first session is due prior to September 1st.
Maximum Capacity: 10 Attendees (6 seats available)

Social Media Jump Start:
Each attendee will receive a one page recommendation tailored to their specific business.

Each attendee will be given a 4 Week Daily Action Plan to follow in between Session 1 and Session 2. Deborah will be available by email and telephone for support during Action Phase.

Session 1:

Each attendee will walk away with an in depth understanding about what it really takes to leverage the social web for their business to generate more leads, traffic and prospects for their business.

The event will cover in detail…

*Strategy: How to plan out and implement your social media marketing strategy

*Blogs: Whether or not a business blog is right for you

  • What it really takes to start and maintain a successful blog

*Twitter: What Twitter is, why it is so powerful, and how to leverage the platform to its fullest potential.

*Facebook: What you need to know about Facebook before jumping in with both feet

  • How to get your Facebook profiles/groups and pages up and running

*LinkedIn: How to improve or create a winning LinkedIn Profile and build your list of contacts.

*Real life examples and case studies of how social media has been successfully used

Session 2

* Follow up comments and questions from 5 week Action Phase

* How to optimize your blog for the Search Engines

* How to track your blogs performance and plan your course based on results

* How to utilize other social media platforms such a Ning, YouTube

* Strategies for Moving Forward

About the Presenter

Deborah Smith is the owner of Parents With Nannies, Inc. which operates a network of ecommerce websites serving the Nanny Industry. She began employing email groups and online message boards as marketing and networking tools well before the term “Social Media” was ever conceived. In 2007, she launched a very successful food blog called Jersey Bites which welcomes over 5000 visitors per month. In April of 2008, she launched a private Social Network to serve the Nanny Industry. NannyIsland.com now has over 700 members and is the most successful networking platform in the Nanny industry. In December, she spearheaded the Blogging Out Hunger campaign for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and enlisted over 120 bloggers from across the state to raise money and awareness on a one day “Blogburst.” She actively markets Jersey Bites on her Twitter account @JerseyBites which currently has over 2200 followers. She also serves as the VP of Social Media Marketing for the newly formed Jersey Shore Restaurant Week.

To Register:

Deborah Smith at Debors@gmail.com

* If you are planning to attend it is recommended that you bring a wireless laptop

We only have 6 seats available, so if you are serious about attending, please reply as soon as possible.