Facebook’s New “Friends of connection” targeted Ads

By Facebook

facebook-logo2This announcement came from Facebook today.  I plan to give this a try.  I will report back on my results.

“Do you have a Facebook Page, Application, Group or Event? If you do, the following announcement is for you! Beginning today, you can expand your audience by delivering ads to the friends of people already connected with your Page, Application, Group or Event with “Friends of connection” targeting.

In addition to harnessing the social graph by targeting your connections’ friends, every “Friends of connection” targeted ad promoting a Page or Event includes social content about a friend’s interaction with your business, amplifying the relevancy of your ad. For example, Priya is a fan of the Nordstrom, Inc. Page. When Nordstrom, Inc. promotes their Facebook Page, they can choose to target ads to Priya’s friends by selecting the “Friends of connection” filter. Priya’s friends will receive the Nordstrom, Inc. ad with the following sentence: “Priya Gupta is a fan of this Page.” Priya’s friends are naturally more interested because Priya’s interaction with Nordstrom, Inc. is showcased directly in the ad.

You can find this targeting capability in the ad create flow. Simply fill in the open field next to “Friends of connection” with the name of your Page, Application, Group, or Event. The names of the eligible content that you manage on Facebook will appear in the type-ahead. Please note that you must be an Admin of the Page, Application Group, or Event. Let us know how this new targeting is performing for you.”