Day One: Developing Your Social Media Plan

By Round Table Series

Social Media Round Table : Our first meeting Today we launched our Social Media Round Table series in Point Pleasant Beach.  I was so energized after our three hour session I had to sit down and write about it right away.  What I absolutely love about a peer advisory format are the synergies that unveil themselves as the session evolves.   At the table we had a New Jersey based Marketing company, Netwave Marketing, a professional Photographer, Chantzi Photography, a Food product distributor many of your probably have heard of at, a large local Nursery and a very large and well respected Health and Wellness Facility from Monmouth County.

I began the session with introductions around the table and asked each member to give some background about their company.  Part of the purpose of this Peer format is to help each member business expand their reach and online visibility. It is important for each member to have a firm understanding of the other member’s businesses, what their services are and their target market in order to assist in passing on leads and opportunities.

Then it was time to dig into the day’s lesson plan, developing an OGST for each member business.  What is an OGST?  OGST stands for Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Tactics.  I find this the most helpful way of mapping out a company’s social media campaign.  Many businesses think having a Facebook page is a strategy.  It’s not. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are tools.  They are the tactics you put into place to help implement your strategy.  But, its important for companies to start at the top.  What is your Objective?

An objective is a high level achievement, the big picture target, the end result.  After you have that in place, what measurable goals are you going to set to help you reach your objective?  Increase revenue by 25%, increase market share by 10%, increase newsletter subscribers by 50%, etc.  Goals need to be measurable.

Once your goals are in place, its time to come up with some strategies that will help you reach your goals.  Strategies usually begin with words like “Create, Develop, Launch, Expand, Recruit, Hire.”  For, example, Develop a new line of informational products. Expand our market reach into X,Y,Z counties.  Launch new website, etc.

And then finally, with your Objectives, Goals, and Strategies in place,you can talk about Tactics, the How.   The how will include Social Media tools.  Notice how I say include.  There will be other tactics; online newsletters, press releases, post cards, traditional advertising, etc.  All of these are tactics to help you implement your strategies and ultimately reach your goals.

I gave each member 15 minutes to jot down their ideas and then we went around the table to share with the group.  It was a fantastic exercise, and one that I think most of the members had never done before. This will serve as their road map as we move forward to next month’s session and flesh out their own individual needs and uses for social media.   As with all peer advisory groups, we wandered down other paths, like confusion on a member’s website and installing Google Analytics to help analyze your website traffic.  I think, no I know, every member walked out of the meeting with a ton of new ideas and a lot to think about.  As I said at the end of our meeting, I’ve never been accused of giving too little information.

Next month, we take on blogs.  The why, the how, and everything in between.

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