About Deborah Smith

I have been digital marketing space since 1998 when I launched my first business serving the Nanny Industry. I used the ancient ancestors of today’s Social Media platforms (remember chat rooms and message boards) to network with industry influencers and to market my websites, including NannyClassifieds.com and 4EverythingNanny.com. Yes, that’s right. Mark Zuckerberg did not invent social media. Well before there was a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, we were using the tools of the day for marketing. In 2007, I launched two very successful online communities, a social network just for nannies, called NannyIsland.com and what was to become a very successful cooking and restaurant blog called JerseyBites.com. Jersey Bites now welcomes approximately 20,000+ unique users per month and has grown to a social media following of over 45K. According to Kred.com, the source for measuring a brand’s influence over their online community, JerseyBites ranks in the top 1%.

My company specializes in content development for businesses and social media consulting and management. I am a big believer in “owned media” and encourage most businesses to focus their online marketing around developing original content for a business blog and using the social media tools to distribute that content. Our network of journalists cover a wide range of topics for clients including financial institutions, health and wellness, insurance, restaurants and more.