About Deborah Smith

I have been in the digital marketing space since 1998 when I launched my first business. I used the ancient ancestors of today’s Social Media platforms (remember chat rooms and message boards) to network with industry influencers and to market my websites.

Yes, that’s right. Mark Zuckerberg did not invent social media. Well before there was a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, we were using the tools of the day for marketing.

In 2007, I launched a very successful cooking and restaurant blog called JerseyBites.com. Jersey Bites now welcomes approximately 30,000+ unique users per month and has grown to a social media following of over 50K.

In 2016, my online presence led to a cookbook deal featuring 50 recipes from 50 restaurants up and down the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore Cookbook landed me a spot on QVC, New York and Philadelphia morning shows, and many interviews on radio, podcasts and print. My cookbook even made it to Publisher’s Weekly Top 20 Hardcover Non-fiction books in the country and it is still selling very well.

My company Foxtrot Media LLC specializes in restaurant marketing. We provide everything from food photography to paid ad campaigns, website development and graphic design. Check out our website MarketToFoodies.com to learn more.

If you have landed here because you are a journalist looking for my input on an article you are writing, please reach out to info@DeborahLSmith.com – You can also view previous interviews on my Press page.

If you are a restaurant owner looking for marketing help, please reach out via DSmith@FoxtrotMediaLLC.com