8 Steps to Social Media Recruiting Success

By Recruiting

Guest Post By Ron Kubitz, Recruiting/Training Manager, Brayman Construction Corporation

With the present and increasingly emerging popularity of social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter one would think that recruiting for prime talent has become an easier task. Let’s face it we can find almost anybody for any job that we seek today on either the above mentioned or a host of other related sites, blogs, networks and the like!

However,  life in the recruiting world is not that simple! The problem that we face today, unlike problems from past years, is that we now encounter an overabundance of candidates and in many cases more information regarding these candidates than we could ever possibly need.

I am confident that the following tips will make it easier to seek out those candidates that we would truly desire by way of social media. Many of these tips will help also to navigate you through my 3 favorite social media recruiting sites those being Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

1.  If you are new to the world of social media recruiting than focus on ONE site in which to begin your foray into this “new world”. Quality over quantity rules in this instance and focus your efforts initially on researching which site will be the most relevant and widely used by those prime candidates that meet your recruiting needs.

2.  Remember to begin any social media recruiting venture with the end in mind! Make sure that you have pre-determined goals and the strategy to achieve these goals. Utilize sites that your audience frequents and also target these sites at high traffic times.

3.  Involve current employees in your social media efforts! This helps not only with the recruiting but in terms of your corporate branding efforts. Who better to sell your company and excite possible candidates than your current employees? Remember that about 75% of your current employees are already using one or more of these sites for social/business purposes so why not build a team effort toward a common cause?

4.  Utilize Linkedin as an effective recruiting/branding tool! Maximize Linkedin effectiveness by providing links to your corporate website/careers page and by completing a thorough and compelling individual and corporate profile. Join numerous groups on Linkedin geared towards your industry and harness the ability to post targeted job ads for FREE on these group pages that could possibly reach millions of candidates.

5.  Use the advanced search tools found on Linkedin, Facebook and other sites to search for “passive” candidates. The larger your network/extended network the easier that this task will become. Remember that many candidates have also intentionally or unintentionally made their profiles public and you can find them using an effective Boolean search on Google!

6.  Create a group/fan page on Facebook! “Your company name is hiring” is the perfect tease to create a Facebook group/page that can become an extension of your company career website. Post your apply info, latest jobs and other pertinent information of value to potential candidates. As more people join your network you can send them alerts to new jobs and other exciting corporate happenings. Facebook groups also index well on most search engines!

7.  If using Twitter maximize your effectiveness by striking a balance between personal and business tweets. Be a real person while also coming across as an expert in your industry. Share links of interest to your followers while never forgetting to target recruits in your field. Of course do not forget to provide your corporate links!

8.  Be visible! Make sure that your profile both personal and corporate are public and that those candidates seeking jobs in your industry can find you before they find your competition!

R_Kubitz (2)Ron Kubitz is a Recruiting/Training Manager for Brayman Construction Corporation.  Check out Ron’s LinkedIn Profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronrecruiter