5 Favorite Tools For Content Curation

tools for content curationOne of the comments I can count on at every speaking engagement and when working with clients one on one, is “who has time to keep up with social media?” If your resources are scarce, like the group of nonprofits I spoke with last month, and you don’t have dedicated staff to tackle the daily 24/7 demands of social media, content curation tools can be a social life saver.

Here are my picks for some of the best free and for-fee tools that will help you find the “share worthy” content your business or organization needs. If you have one that you’d like to share, please leave a comment. I am always looking for new resources.

Google Alerts – Yep, pretty basic AND free! Let Google do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Set up free alerts for all the topics your social content plan has identified. (You do have a plan right?) You will get convenient email alerts every time Google picks up a new article that relates to your subject matter of choice.

using google alerts for content curation

Google Alerts

Klout – The recently enhanced Klout site, now has a content suggestion tool based on the keyword phrases you plug in. A very cool feature is that it flags certain posts with  “On Target, Hot Off the Presses and Hidden Gem” titles to help you sift through all the latest stories and determine what is the best fit and will garner the most engagement.

klout for content curation



Hootsuite – Hootsuite has a new tool in BETA that suggests content to share to Twitter, Facebook and any other social platform you have synced with Hootsuite, even Facebook groups. (Go to Publisher > Suggested) The updates are already created for you or you can customize them with your own personal message. You can select up to three search terms to monitor.  This is one fantastic time saver.

Hootsuite Suggested content tool

Hootsuites “Suggested Content”

Likeable Local – not only provides content curation based on the search terms you identify, but for a fee of about $200 per month, it will curate and post content then boost the content through Facebook’s paid ad service. It also comes with a referral feature that encourages your fans to refer new fans to be entered into a sweepstakes. This is a great, hands-free way for companies with small budgets to have a healthy social media presence and to increase engagement on a page through the boosting feature.

Content Gems – has free and for fee versions of their service. So far the free version has proven to be enough for our needs. The app that integrates with Hootsuite does not have very good reviews. I recommend signing up for their email alerts and posting manually the content that is the right fit. The free version allows you to track 2 keyword(s) and will deliver daily articles that relate to those searches.

So that’s it for my favorite tools for content curation. What are yours? Please share with a comment below.

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