10 Ways to Attract more Fans to your Facebook Page

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There are some simple methods for spreading the word about your business Facebook page.  But first, I want to address the issue I have been coming up against with clients recently. When taking a look at their Facebook accounts, I am finding many businesses or their marketing companies have set up Profile pages instead of Business Pages. This is against the Terms of Service agreement of Facebook and is resulting in some problems for the businesses who then later try to set up a Fan page and register their Vanity URL.  This may also become a very serious if Facebook decides to start really policing this issue and deleting accounts.  So, if you are just starting out with a business page, please know the difference between a profile and a fan page first. Here is an excellent article on the topic, Difference Between a Page and a Profile on Facebook.

10 Ways to Attract more Fans (be sure to read all 10, I’ve left the most important tip for last.)

1. Suggest to Friends: Ok, so let’s assume you have gone down the right path and created a Facebook Page for your Business.  The first thing I recommend is that you also have a personal profile set up for yourself.  If you have a personal profile already and you’ve been acquiring friends over time, this will give you your first opportunity for growing your fan base.  Simply use the “Suggest to Friends” link on the upper left side of your page to pick and choose the friends you would like to invite to become fans.

2. Post a Fan Box: Facebook gives you a very handy tool for promoting your Business Page, the Fan Box widget. Just copy the HTML they provide through their widget and paste the HTML onto your blog or website. You can see my Facebook Fan Box in the right side bar of this blog.

3. Trade Links: The Favorite this Page feature on each and every Facebook page is a great way to trade links with other relevant pages. If you are a fan of a page that you believe attracts the same type of consumer/client then reach out to the owner of the page and offer to trade links.  You favorite their page to your fan page and they likewise, favorite yours.

4. Register your Page’s Vanity URL. Once you have 25 fans, Facebook allows you to register a Vanity URL for your page. Just go to http://www.Facebook.com/usernames.  Once you have the URL registered it makes sharing the direct link to your page so much easier.   My URL on Facebook is Facebook.com/SocialMedia4Business.  This is a lot easier to remember and to share than the long, messy URL’s Facebook generates.

5. Insert a hot link to your page from your Personal Profile. In the little text box Facebook provides below your picture on your profile page.  If you post the full link including the http://www.  in the beginning, the link will become clickable and will lead people right to your Fan page.

6. Paid Advertising: Facebook Ads for Pages and Events allow users to engage with your ads the same way they interact with other content on Facebook – without leaving the page they are viewing. Ads for Pages include a “Become a fan” link, while ads for Facebook Events include an “RSVP” link. Users who view these ads can connect with your Pages and Events from the ad itself, automatically creating a story on the user’s profile page and possibly even their friends’ home page Highlights, generating free distribution for you. When placing a Facebook Ad be sure to choose the Pay Per Click option.  You can set your own daily budget threshold and target your ad to individuals in a specific geographic area and/or gender, age, education level, interests and more.

7. Convert your Twitter Followers and LinkedIn Contacts to Fans: Let your followers on Twitter know you have a fan page.  Send the link out periodically inviting everyone to fan your page. Post a link to your Fan page on your LinkedIn profile. You can post a direct link if you haven’t used all 3 spots for URL’s allowed by LinkedIn.  If you have, post the URL in your Summary section at the bottom with a bullet point.

8. Ask Your Fans to spread the word: This is where having friends who are also fans comes in very handy.   If you have some fans you feel close enough with to reach out to and ask for their help in sharing your page, do so.  Nothing beats a personal endorsement from a fan.

9.  Offline Marketing: Don’t forget to invite your customers and clients to “Become a Fan” of your business in all of your offline marketing.  I have seen invites on Menus, business cards, Power Point Presentations (that would be me), ads in newspapers and magazines. I have one client who has a banner hanging in her store inviting customers to connect on Facebook.  Be creative.  Think about all the places you come in contact with your customer and how to build in that Facebook invitation.

10. Create a vibrant Fan Page with frequent updates:  Video, photos, and fan interaction.  Ask questions, give advice. The more updates and interactions that take place on your page, the more updates will appear in the Status Updates of your Fans which is free publicity for your page.

11. Ok, I lied, you get a bonus tip.  Be sure to tell your customers or clients exactly what you want them to do. “Become a Fan” Some are still very new to the whole Facebook thing and don’t understand that they need to DO something.  Please Become of Fan of my Fan page and stay in the loop on news and information in the ever changing world of Social Media.  Just Click Here.

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