10 Essential Ingredients to Your Salon’s Social Media Success

Social Media Marketing for Your Salon or Spa

Hair stylists are known for staying on trend with the latest colors, styles, and cuts.  To keep up with competition, it’s important for salons to also stay up to date with the latest social media trends as well.

(Not in the salon industry? You will probably find that many of these strategies can be modified to fit your niche.)

First, if you are not there already, get your salon onto Instagram and if you target a younger audience, Snapchat as well. (“over 60% of U.S. smartphone users between the ages of 13 and 34 are Snapchatters”) These two platforms are the best right now for organic engagement. That is not to say that Facebook pages don’t have a purpose. Facebook Ads are incredibly effective. If you are unfamiliar with Facebook Ads, you can follow this link to a great article outlining the basics on Facebook ads.

Content Ideas

  1. Video, video, video! Have I stressed it enough? Videos get far more engagement than any other medium right now and you are in the perfect position to share your craft through short video tutorials. How-to videos are fantastic for sharing and for repurposing over and over again. “How to create a triple braided up-do”  “How to create a Waterfall braid”, etc. You get the picture. Just look on Pinterest for a million ideas that you can recreate using video. Braids on Pinterest.
  2. Before & After shots– Everyone wants to know that going to your salon will improve their appearance. Showcasing your stylists’ talents online with dramatic before/after collages will help seal the deal without the need for many words.
  3. Share your favorite products and tools– What is your favorite straightening iron? Which blow-out process has proven to be a winner with your clients? Share your favorites and don’t forget to tag the product websites.
  4. Get personal– Make a human connection with viewers. Show how much fun you have at work. Dressing up for Halloween, cupcakes for Cindy’s birthday, Sharon’s new baby girl. Your customers are personally connected with their favorite stylist, so talk about them and share their important milestones. Also be sure to shout out your customers and thank them individually if you had a connection during their last visit.
  5. Share upcoming promotions– Give your online and email subscribers first dibs on promotions before you start advertising. Facebook Offer Ads work great for this purpose.
  6. Share your neighborhood– If your salon is next to a great bakery, share their specials! Give people an even greater reason to visit your salon.  Working with the community surrounding you can be a great way to bring in customers.

Engagement Tactics

  1. Use the right hashtags – Take a look at the most popular stylist posts and see what hashtags they use. Using the right hashtags can boost views tremendously.
  2. Giveaways – Use a trusted third party sweepstakes provider like Raflecopter or Woobox to run a product or service giveaway. Harvest email addresses as part of the entry process and encourage shares for additional points and expanded reach. I would also recommend having a Facebook ad budget to help boost your number of entries. Be sure you check with the most current rules set forth by the FCC for online promotions before running any giveaway.
  3. Be consistent – Whether you post daily or weekly just be consistent. Stay in the public eye without being overbearing.  Research shows the amount of times you should post daily is different depending on your subject matter.  So find a happy medium that works for you and stick with it.
  4. Be responsive –   Answer questions quickly and offer advice when asked.  Have fun with it!

Bonus tip:

Use your social sites to promote your other social sites– Share your Instagram info on your Facebook account. Tweet your latest Facebook post.  Spread your social self across the board to reach clients who frequent varying social sites.

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