"I was waist-deep in social media before people knew it existed."

Deborah L Smith

For 20 years I have been using social media marketing to grow my businesses. Yes, that’s right, since the 90’s. In 1998, I used the ancestors of today’s social media tools to launch my first business which owned and operated several websites serving the in-home childcare industry.

In 2007, I launched JerseyBites.com, a popular collaborative blog that features restaurant reviews, recipe sharing, and food-related events throughout New Jersey. We started using Twitter and Facebook and later Instagram and Pinterest to build a following for Jersey Bites, which now has more than 40,000 + combined followers and fans. Jersey Bites’ success recently led to my cookbook deal with Quirkbooks. The Jersey Shore Cookbook was released in April, 2016 and after 2 short months made it to Publishers Weekly top 20 Hardcover, Nonfiction bestsellers in the country.

Since 2008, I have been working with businesses to help them understand why and how they can harness the digital marketing tools that are essential in today’s marketing landscape. My company, Foxtrot Media manages marketing campaigns and social media for many companies including restaurants, food personalities, healthcare providers, resorts, law firms, nonprofits and more.

Deborah L Smith

Deborah created a comfortable, but professional and engaging atmosphere recently for a Linkedin Training Session at our CPA firm. She is professional, efficient, reliable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Deborah to any business or organization who knows social media--and LinkedIn in particular--is important to its success.

Great hard working people, creative content and a strong understanding of social media marketing. I highly recommend them.

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